Den Lennie


4x5 Portrait | Den Lennie

A few days ago I had a brief window of opportunity to shoot a few shots of my roommate, Lan. He’s always on the go, so I took the 10 minutes I had and got two shots. I came to find out later that I had double exposed the two shots of Lan with some shots of Gino that I had forgotten were in the film holders. That disappointment is a whole other post.

I got lucky though because Lan’s friend Den had stopped by and was game for having a few shots of himself. He is not as serious in person as he seems in these portraits; he’s an accomplished DP and also a really nice guy.


On a technical note, it’s obvious he has no detail in his hair. This was not what I was going for. I’m just starting to notice that there are drastic differences in photos taken under the same lighting and exposure set ups. This shot of Mike was taken under the same set up as Den and Gino. The portrait of Mike is properly exposed, the portraits of Den and Gino lost massive amounts of shadow detail. Again, these were all taken under the same set up with the same film (from the same batch). I’ll post the double exposed shots of Lan later, but even though they are not usable you can see that the shadow detail was not lost. Those particular shots were taken minutes before Den’s. 

I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, but I’m leaning toward a shutter issue. Because I have to set the shutter to bulb each time I focus, and once the focus is correct I set the shutter to whatever I deem is appropriate, I wonder if sometimes the shutter isn’t really resetting correctly. That’s what I’m thinking and will test that theory out soon.