4x5 Portrait | Zadi Diaz 

A few weeks ago had the pleasure of taking a few shots of Zadi on my 4x5. This is the second time I’ve used this camera on someone other than people who live with me, and I’m really excited about how these came out.

I’m lucky, and had use of the sound stage at the Disney Interactive lot. The perks of having a husband with an awesome job ;) I went in the night before and Mike and I set up the lights and took a few test shots. I wanted to be all set up so our little shoot wouldn’t take up to much time. The camera is a beast as it is, I didn’t want people waiting around while I figured out where to put the lights.¬†

Zadi was awesome in front of the camera. Even though she had a hard time hearing me with the giant fan going and my annoyingly quiet voice, it didn’t matter, she did her thing and it was perfect :)

I wish I had positioned Zadi a bit different in the full body shot. I think the hot light behind her distracts from her face. I do love the over lapping shadows the lights created, even on her face in the head shot. It just works, somehow.