Accidental macro portraits. July 2012

I unintentionally left the macro lens on the holga while I was trying to hurry and take a few shots of Xander the other afternoon. Taking his photo has become a task lately, so when I found out I had just shot 6 frames that would be unusable I was pretty frustrated. Luckily I managed to wrangle him for a second roll of film, without the macro lens on this time.

I’m certain he refuses to cooperate whenever I point the camera in his general direction as a test, he’s testing me, my patience and his boundaries. 

How did I persuade him to cooperate, you ask? I had to remind him about the importance of making good decisions and being helpful……and I threatened to take Minecraft away if he didn’t behave for at least 5 min. Not my most proud parenting moment, but sometimes it’s all I can come up with….