Ayanna Listenbee


Ayanna Listenbee | Designer + Fashion Blogger | Los Angeles | August 2014

I love shooting in the Old LA Zoo at Griffith Park, the light is nice no matter what time of day. 

On this particular morning the heat was suppose to be unbearable, so Ayanna and I met early as an attempt to beat the heat. I packed light, just my camera (Canon 6D with a 70-200mm)…no lights or bounce or anything…because I didn’t want to be lugging around equipment. The abandoned animal enclosures provide wonderful bounce and diffuse the over head sun, so it all worked in our favor. 

Ayanna has such great style and is a talented handbag designer. Be sure to check out her fashion blog, The LookBook Philosophy, for some fashion inspiration. We always have such a great time, I’m very excited for some future collaborations.