Death Valley | March, 2014

Death Valley is a really stunning place to visit. The moon rise was nothing short of amazing. The park at night under a full moon is magical. 

If you are planning a trip, I would suggest sleeping during the day and being active at night through early morning. It gets pretty darn hot, even in the winter, and being outside for even a few minutes at a time was a little much for me. I could feel my skin burning! 

On this impromptu road trip my plan was to take some long exposure shots with my hasselblad. Being that it was completely dark, I didn’t have much use for my view finder - I just set my focal length, aperture and shutter to what I hoped would work and went from there. 

After having the film developed I quickly realized I had left the lens cap on. It was one of those things that, despite my sadness at losing ALL of those shots, I just had to laugh. I wasn’t shooting to much with my DSLR, but I managed to grab this shot of Mike and I checking out the moon rise, so not all was lost.