Yesterday was my first full day home from our road trip to San Francisco. Mike and I are working on Square Book, a photo book project we hope to have launched sooner rather than later. The trip was quick but I had managed to take 11 exposures on my 4x5. 

I spent the afternoon developing and scanning. To my dismay several of the negatives stuck together and were ruined. Almost all of them had scratches and weird artifacts. At the moment I do all of my film transfers in a black bag, I have no dark room.  I think this adds to the scratching and rough handling. 

The other weird damage and artifacts I’m fairly certain are caused by uneven chemical exposure. I’ve only developed one other set in the developing tank that I have and I had similar problems. Of course the negatives sticking together is simply caused by user mishandling :P

I’m headed out for MI/KY today and will be gone for a week. I’m taking the 4x5 and will have some exposures to develop, but the plan is to have those done at my local camera shop. I want to take some test photos around the house to see if I can solve what I think is a lack of chemical exposure problem.

I’m frustrated and embarrassed, but I’m learning.

Good news is I think I’ve got the exposure thing down. All the negatives seemed properly exposed. Thanks to Vu for letting me borrow his lens!

Above is what would have been a pretty cool photo of some cattle on our way to Big Sur. You can see the original is pretty darn messed up. I cropped it as little as possible and cleaned it up a bit. I loved seeing cattle by the ocean. I have a thing for the ocean and for cattle so this just made me happy :) I think Mike Instagrammed a photo and said ” These cows live and hang-out on a cliff overlooking the pacific. Mid-West cows, you’re doing it wrong”. It’s true ;)