I….had to step away from my camera after getting home from Kentucky.

I lugged that giant thing and all of it’s necessary parts through the airport because it made my luggage too heavy and I didn’t feel like paying the overweight charge.  I carried it like an awkwardly shaped baby. I took it with me everywhere while in Kentucky just in case it was the right time to use one of my 6 sheets of film. 

I haven’t shot film since college. I have never flown with film. I just assumed the signs at security where correct when they said anything under iso 800 was safe for the scanners. I should have listened to the voice of my college photo prof in the back of my head that kept saying “Don’t assume, it makes and ass out of u and me”….get it? 

I was excited to get home and ,instead of developing them myself,  hand over my film to the guys that have never mucked up my negatives. I was excited to see the shots of my Dad and the ones I took of Xander. I was excited to see the lens I borrowed from Vu in all it’s glory. 

The above is what I got back. The strange lines and all the other f'ed up-ness you see is from the xray machines at the airport. I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset at loosing an image.