Photos of my sister Rachel shot on my Holga. These were taken a very long time ago, probably 6-7 years ago. I remember I had just gotten my Holga and all the little cheesy filters that go with it. I shot this roll of my sister when she came to visit and it sat undeveloped until a couple of weeks ago. 

I really like these. I like the double exposures and over lapping. My previous post with the photos of my Dad and Xander seem to be getting positive attention even though I’m just inconsolable in regards to the damage. I just don’t see it as a happy accident, nor is it the nature of the film and camera. It was not intentional or an experiment. I was not in control of the process after the initial exposure and that ,to me, makes them….just plain damaged. But these shots, I don’t mind the imperfections, it’s just the nature of the film and camera. 

I remember having the weird little prism filter on and trying to overlap and double expose things. It was intentional with the knowledge that it was also an experiment where the results would be unknown. It was one of my first rolls of holga film and I’m pretty happy with how these came out :)