Project Ten ( Now Share Six! ) | Where I Stand 

Where do I stand? Lately, Mike and I have been working on a project that’s taking up a lot of our attention. We’re applying for grants and fellowships so there’s always writing, more writing, and revise that writing to be done. That’s where I’m standing lately….well, it’s a lot of sitting and pacing more than standing, but you get the idea.

I’ve had a lot of fun the last few months participating in the Project Ten monthly challenge - I enjoyed seeing other photographer’s work and the challenge in coming up with a photo-set with only one word for inspiration. It was indeed challenging and always fun. 

Now, Project Ten is growing into bigger and better things! With a little re-branding, Project Ten is now Share Six! 

There are four of us in the blog circle now, all from various photography backgrounds, and together we’ve decided to create a community where you can share your work, grow and be supported. Share Six is part of a larger forum, check out Sharetographers to follow along :) 

Check out Stephanie’s take on this month’s theme, her sets are always delicious :)