View Camera

Several months ago a friend from college gave me an old 4x5 view camera. There is no name or serial number on the camera or the lens. The lens seems quite old and has no shutter, so all exposures are made by me setting the aperture and taking the lens cap off and on. 

It’s fabulous!

It took me a while to purchase the film and holders, and I was nervous spending money on film to use in a camera that I wasn’t entirely sure was going to work. Long story short I love it! I realize this particular shot isn’t mind blowing, but I wanted to test the camera out on a subject with lots of different elements and textures.  At the same time I didn’t want to photograph something that would break my heart to lose if the film didn’t turn out. The little row of bobble tipped weeds is my favorite in this photo. I just love the texture that film and this particular camera and lens creates.