Summer 2009: The Ypsi Project Event

via Kickstarter

I’ve been working on this project over the last year - but the upcoming exhibit will be the 2nd major event we’ve put on related to the Ypsi Project. The 1st event was a day-long portrait'athon and I wanted to give KSR supporters a bit more background on how that came to be and how it went:

Ypsi Event

Last summer, with the help of my amazing boyfriend Mike, my talented partner,Jami, and my lovely sister, Rachel; we held the “Ypsi Project Event”.

The gracious Peter Rinehart let us set up a make-shift studio in the back of his coffee shop, Bombadill’s. The turnout was truly amazing. The mayor of Ypsi was the first to show up for his portrait, he was there patently waiting even before we arrived! So many people, from so many backgrounds came that day to be a part of what we were doing - and some of their stories had a deep personal affect on us. One family who asked to remain anonymous simply said, they had come to Ypsi, “for a new beginning”.

I have lived in this city off and on for the last 6 years and only in the past year have I realized what a lovely place it is. Everyone I have met while working on this portrait project has been nothing less than amazing and I can’t wait to showcase them through the Ypsi Project Exhibit.

I truly and with all my heart appreciate everyone’s support and donations so far. It’s only been 2 days and we’ve raised $185! We’ll be doing a walk-through of the exhibit space really soon and I’m excited about taking measurements and planning the layout. We’ll be posting a special backers-only video of the walk-through! Stay tuned.