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via kickstarter: Today has been really exciting - a few more backers have helped push the Ypsi Project Exhibit (YPE) over the $600 mark and (as of now) just show of $700!

One of today’s new backers was the lovely and Ypsi-local Elizabeth Skene, who also today happened to write a blog post that I had to share.

I photographed the two men below over a year ago (very early on in the YP), and it was one of the very rare occasions I forgot to get the names of the people that I was taking photos of. Anyway - I won’t spoil Elizabeth’s story, I’ll just say that: I love these kind of chance connections:

“Last year sometime, Joel came back from walking Wes & said that someone had taken his picture. I didn’t think much of it until today when reading Mark Maynard’s update of The Ypsi Project. The project sounded interesting & I was intrigued if this had anything to do with Joel being photographed. After going through about 13 pages of really wonderful photographs of Ypsilanti and its citizens – there he [& Dan & Wes] was!

Erica [the lovely photographer behind the project], wants to have a gallery showing of about 100 of the portraits. I’m really excited about this opportunity [even though I’ll probably be out of the country for the show itself] & donated a little bit of money to help back the project. You can do the same [& even get some lovely gifts] on their Kickstarter page.”

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