Ypsi Project : Now Open for Submissions!!

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that the Ypsi Project is now taking submissions!! I’m not going to be able to contribute to this effort as much as I have done in the past and it seems important to keep this collection going. The project has the potential to become an historians dream; hundreds and thousands of visual documents of the people of this small mid-western town with descriptions! *elation*

On top of the fun historical potential it's  fun and exciting to learn about your neighbors in real time too. That’s why I’ve decided to ask you to submit your photographs. Please don’t be nervous, as long as they are apparently thoughtful images (which I’m confident they will be) I will post them :) You can include a description if you have one, but if not please do at least include a name and/or location.

Okay, ready?



Questions? Answers = erica (at) ypsiproject.com

Erica HamptonComment